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Un conte aussi court que le Solstice!

Une histoire de solstice d'hiver pleine d'oiseaux et de générosité!

Courez lire Winter Pariah sur mon site d’auteure sérieuse ici, pour 7 jours seulement! Une histoire de solstice d’hiver pleine d’oiseaux et de générosité! Pour obtenir les 35 nouvelles écrites spécialement pour cette occasion, allez voir sur le site du Winter Holiday Spectacular 2019.

Pour les curieux, voici ce que Kris a dit.

Winter Pariah

Genre/Mood: quiet

For the actual solstice, I decided to give you “Winter Pariah,” a story that takes place in the thin light of the shortest day of the year. Michèle Laframboise takes us birding, something I have never done, and creates marvelous characters along the way.

Michèle writes in both English and her native French. She also illustrates much of her fiction. Multi-talented doesn’t begin to describe her.

Her award-winning fiction includes nineteen different novels (in both languages), and over forty-five short stories, three of which have appeared in Fiction River (and two reprinted in Fiction River Presents) with more to come.

She writes about birding quite often, including a series about Amanda Byrd (whom you will meet here). A collection of Byrd stories will appear shortly. Find out when, and view some bird pics at

Michèle is a bird watcher herself. In fact, the last time she was here in Las Vegas, she and another writer/birder discovered a part of the city I had never heard of, where they saw some birds (maybe even life birds) that I hadn’t heard of either.

I simply don’t have the patience to stand outside and wait. (I can hear my husband laughing right now.) I would have to bring a book, which defeats the entire purpose of watching.

So I’ll experience birding vicariously. On the page. Which is where I prefer to experience many things.

Enjoy this delicate little story on this, the shortest day of the year.